By arrangement with our guests, we do excursions to the following locations:


Blagaj is situated at the spring of the Buna river and a historical tekke (tekija or Dervish monastery). The Blagaj Tekija was built around 1520, with elements of Ottoman architecture and is considered a national monument. The source of the Buna river is a strong karstic spring. The river flows west for approximately 9 kilometres and joins the Neretva river near the village Buna.


This unique resort is listed on the UNESCO heritage list.
Although the city was first mentioned in written records in year 1444, it is assumed that it was built by the Bosnian king Tvrtko, in 1383. This medieval town has a Mediterranean look, but after the Turkish conquest was reshaped in a more oriental style.
A mixture of these two architectural styles gives a special dimension to Počitelj.


Kravice is a waterfall on the Trebižat River in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is ten km south of Ljubuški and forty kilometers south of Mostar. Its height is between 25 metres and the radius of the lake in the base of the waterfall is 120 metres. Kravice is a popular swimming and picnic area and, during the summer, it is frequently visited by tourists from Mostar, Međugorje and Dubrovnik.


The story of Medjugorje is well known to most Catholics. It's estimated that over 15 million people have visited this little place. Medjugorje has become one of the most important Marian shrines in the world.


The Mountain river Neretva which in one of its parts, upstream pf Konjic, takes adrenaline-filled rafters and provides them with a unique experience, and is irresistibly reminiscent of one of its fishes - the brook trout.