Mostar is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located on the banks of the River Neretva and is the cultural and economic center of Herzegovina. The city is named after the bridge keepers (Mostari) on the banks of the River Neretva. Belongs to one of the most beautiful cities in the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Old City of Mostar is interesting for its narrow streets full of life. It contains a multitude of restaurants and craft with traditional offerings. There is a wide variety of cultural, historical and religious sites such as the Old Bridge, Crooked Bridge, Karadjoz mosques, Turkish houses built in 16th and 17th century, from the time of Ottoman empire, Catholic church and Franciscan Monastery (1866), Museum of Herzegovina, Turkish bathroom and old Orthodox church.

An almost instictive image comes to mind when one thinks of Mostar and that is that of its splendid Old Bridge; it thereby follows that this stone masterpice is the monument that has come to symbolise this city.

The "Old Bridge" enhanced the town's development and prosperity. Mimar Hajruddin, a pupil of the famous architect Sinan (considered as the father of classic Ottoman architecture), constructed the bridge in 1566. It consisted of a humpbacked arch with an opening of 27 metres, and was 4 metres wide and 30 metres long. It stood 20 metres above the maximum water level in summer. The bridge was flanked by two fortified towers, the Halebija Tower on the right bank and the Tara Tower on the left bank, both dating from to the 17th century.

After the restoration of 2004. The old bridge was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.